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I am Tillek, a retired officer of the Sri Lanka Navy.I am a Marine Engineer. My naval service was a healthy span of 42 years, in the Royal Ceylon Navy, the Indian navy, the Sri Lanka Navy, The Colombo Dockyard Ltd., and The Royal Navy of Oman. I am married to Chitra. she is a retired teacher. We are running the Spica to spend our retired life meeting new people.

The Spica has been in operation as a guest house in Kandy, since 2003.

We will along with our staff do our best to make your stay at the Spica as comfortable as we can.

Spica's location is less than 2 km from the city of Kandy away from the dust and noise of the city. It has a superb view and some of the rooms have individual balconies and there is a common balcony for all our guests to relax.

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Homepage<> Reservations<> E-mail us <> Reviews<> About Us

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